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Is the living color fundraiser successful, like the gift wrap, pizza, candy, etc. we have been selling for years?
Based on participant feedback, living color fundraisers are as successful, if not more, than many other products. The idea of a “green” fundraiser, one that promotes nature’s beauty and provides edible vegetables, is a major trend across the United States.

Our organization only has a few members. Will the living color fundraiser work for us?
A successful fundraiser does not depend on the number of people in your organization. We like telling the story about one eleven-year- old who sold over $1,000 worth of living color fundraiser plants by himself.

Can we expect our living color plants to arrive at our facility in good condition?
All living color fundraiser product is guaranteed to arrive in excellent condition. To avoid damage during the shipping process, all living color fundraiser plants are packaged securely in containers specifically engineered to protect them. If you have an issue with a plant (or plants), send us a picture, and we will replace it at no additional cost.

We have a lot of greenhouses and nurseries in our area, will that hurt our fundraiser or will we hurt their business?
Holding a living color fundraiser will have a positive effect. The living color fundraiser host company, C. Raker & Sons, is one of the premium suppliers of live plants to the horticulture industry. Most greenhouses know our product is very high value and are excited their customers have access to Raker plants.

How many people normally buy plants or flowers?
We know that on average, 95% of all households buy plants at least once a year. Plants are usually bought to give as a gift or to use at home/work.

Does a living color plant fundraiser work year-after-year?
Yes. Our sales data shows that the program actually becomes more successful the longer a group participates. After your supporters experience our unmatched quality, they will begin asking when the next living color fundraiser is taking place. In addition, we continuously introduce new plant genetics and product ideas each year to keep the program dynamic.

How do I know when my plants will be delivered?
Our shipping manager will work closely with you to setup a delivery time that works well for your organization and for our logistics. The manager will call you approximately two to three weeks prior to your delivery date to determine a specific date and time.

How are my plants delivered?
Your plants may be delivered using several different methods (private truck, FedEx, etc.). We routinely work with nonprofit groups of all different sizes, so we have vast experience delivering different size orders to a variety of group types.

What happens if one of my plants is damaged when it is delivered?
Although we take great care packaging our plants, some shifting may occur during the delivery process. If you receive a damaged product from us, contact living color fundraiser at 517.542.4536 and we will get a replacement plant to you immediately.

What if my group decides not to participate after we’ve received our selling kits?
We request you return the sales kits. If you are unable to return the kits, there is a $50 printing fee.

Is there a minimum order?
For groups more than 300 miles from zip 49252, there is a 50-item order minimum. This minimum is necessary since we are shipping live plants.

Are there additional fees for the sales materials or freight?
There are no additional fees for our program. You pay the per plant price we quote you. Customized sales kits, product support, and delivery are included in the pricing.

When is payment due for the products?
Payment must be received three days prior to product shipment, unless other arrangements are made. A majority of our groups pay when they submit their order. However, some groups need order acknowledgements to process their payment and we routinely handle these requests.

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