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Rhonda (Pennsylvania)
“Awesome fundraising experience… Beautiful flowers, top quality!!!!”

Justine (Michigan)
“Wow! I just found your Facebook page. Now I can’t wait for our plants!”

Stephanie (Indiana)
“I only liked you because there wasn’t a LOVE button! This is one of the best fundraisers I have ever done.”

Lara (Rhode Island)
“We love Living Color Fundraisers. We can’t wait for the spring arrangements to arrive.”

Laura (Louisiana)
“All our flowers are very healthy and lovely. Thank you….”

Rhonda (Illinois)
“Check this out, y’all!”

Tracey (Pennsylvania)
“This was the first year we had a flower fundraiser, and it was a big hit! The flowers are beautiful and all were top-of-the-line quality.”

Kendra (Michigan)
“Wonderful plant sale fundraiser for nonprofits.”

Nichole (Iowa)
“These are awesome flowers… They are really beautiful and come ready for you to put in your yard!!! Don’t miss out!”

Carla (Indiana)
“We are receiving hundreds of compliments on the Poinsettias this year! They are gorgeous, huge, and bigger than any others being sold in our county! Thank you!”

Make Money!

C. Raker & Sons, one of Michigan’s premium horticulture suppliers, is proud to present Living Color Fundraiser.